Now on to amazing Caregivers

I recently saw this post from an amazing caregiver “Education is Key”. An active collaboration with patients is key to successful adherence to an intervention but what about the other piece of the puzzle? A caregiver is the person who provide the safe environment needed for a survivor of brain injury, as an example, to have a chance at succeeding in therapy. Caregivers are the planners, the schedule organizers, the ‘nutritionist’, the rehabilitation assistant, the taxi drivers but most importantly they are the number one fans willing to support their loved ones with open heart and acceptance.

When creating a treatment plan it is crucial to integrate the caregiver as an equal part of the equation. Without them, even with the best therapy based on the most recent evidence, compliance would suffer. So here is where education is key!  Proper education and active collaboration with the caregiver will allow for the best motor learning environment.

To end this brief post, I wanted to highlight the journey of one amazing caregiver and promote her work done in educating kids of parents who are survivors of a brain injury.

Her book : My Daddy’s Brain is available at Manticore Books.




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